Landscape Garden Design in Jacksonville FL

Landscape Garden Design in Jacksonville FL

Landscape Garden Design in Jacksonville, FL

Like many home or business owners, you likely pay a decent amount of attention to your property’s yard. Its health and appearance are important, especially if you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, or if you’re hoping to attract more clients to your business. However, simply keeping your lawn green and tidy may not always be enough to create the effect you wish to achieve.

Why not take your property’s lawn to new heights with help from veteran landscapers? Top Landscaper is proud to remain locals’ first choice for professional landscape and garden design in Jacksonville, FL. For more than 25 years, we’ve helped clients throughout the area design and install amazing outdoor features. Reach out today to talk with our team about your ideas – then, we’ll get to work bringing them to life.

We Serve Residential & Commercial Clients

As longtime contractors, our team knows that almost anyone can benefit from professional landscaping services. A good-looking property is more than just attractive – it’s valuable, and it can make selling a home or attracting new clients easier. That’s why we’ve expanded our services to cover both residential and commercial projects. Now, we have the skills and tools needed to makeover yards of all kinds.

If you’re unsure where to begin when it comes to your backyard landscaping project, our team can help with that, too. We offer more than two decades of industry experience, and we’re more than happy to suggest greenery, water features, and other stylish additions to your property. Just let us know about any ideas or goals you have in mind for your new backyard.

Free Landscaping Estimates

The best way to learn what features are right for your property, as well as your budget, is by asking our landscapers for a free estimate. We offer complimentary estimates to help our clients plan more efficiently for their lawn overhauls; and, whether you’re planning a large or small project, a breakdown of your projected costs can be incredibly helpful. Reach out to our contractors to get yours.

Specializing in Backyard Landscaping

Have you ever wondered whether your backyard could be something more? Whether you’re looking at your home or business’s yard, the possibilities are endless when you team up with our contractors. Together, we can transform any outdoor space into a beautiful, functional place you can enjoy with your loved ones, your employees, or your clients.  It’s nice to have a place to relax at the end of the day, and what better place to do that than your own backyard that has been customized through our residential landscape design services.

Start exploring new ways to customize your property today. From decorative shrubs to charming functional walkways, our backyard landscaping specialists are ready to create anything you have in mind. We work with materials of all kinds to create both classic and innovative backyards that offer respite from life’s daily chores. Plus, we take care to incorporate your ideas wherever possible.

Create Your Landscape or Garden Design

The first step to transforming your lawn is creating an attractive design. And, with help from our skilled team, doing so is both easy and enjoyable. We’ll help you choose new features and place them strategically, creating an outdoor space that is uniquely yours. We specialize in recommending region-appropriate shrubs, and we’re comfortable planning for and installing permanent features like patios and walkways.

Here in Florida, choosing greenery that can stand up to the intense heat and rainfall can be challenging. That’s why our landscape garden design team takes time to help homeowners and businesses choose plants that are resilient enough to survive in this climate. Many shrubs, flowers, and trees can make great additions to your property; however, to know whether they’re truly the right fit, we recommend you talk to our team first.

Once you’ve chosen a healthy mix of plants, leave the hard work of transporting and planting them to our landscapers. We have the equipment and experience needed to handle even the most unruly and hard-to-handle trees and bushes. We’ll carefully plant them in a way that enables them to thrive.

Ask About Patio Landscaping

Your home or business’s lawn is a great place to relax and entertain friends and customers. However, it may not be ready to accommodate your guests, especially if there’s no place to sit or stand. With help from our team, though, it’s easy to transform any outdoor space into a relaxing retreat. Reach out today to start creating a sitting area alongside patio landscaping contractors with more than 25 years of experience.

With a patio on your property, it’s easy to spend quality time with the people that matter most. Imagine trying to sit, grill, or play a game on top of grass and dirt – it wouldn’t be very easy or particularly clean. However, with a patio, you never have to worry about chair legs damaging your grass, or your guests’ shoes getting dirty. A cement, brick, or stone patio gives you a stable place to relax.

Contact our landscape garden design team to discuss your ideas for your property. We proudly serve clients in Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding areas